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Acumatica has discovered an issue with Google Chrome, version 76. This issue prevents forms from displaying with some versions of Acumatica. Chrome Version 76 has a lazy loading feature that is enabled by default and causes this form display issue. Google Chrome version 76 was released on July 30, 2019. Your Chrome browser may auto-update and prevent you from using Acumatica properly after this date.

Acumatica discovered this error in advance and provides solutions to fix the problem:

  • Use a different browser such as Edge, Firefox, or Safari; or
  • Configure Chrome settings by typing chrome://flags/ in the browser address bar. Set lazy frame loading to disabled.
    Restart the browser; or
  • Install the latest version of Acumatica. The compatibility issue is fixed in these versions of Acumatica:
    • 2018R1 Build 18.121.0010 or later
    • 2018R2 Build 18.215.0021 or later
    • 2019R1 Build 19.108.0017 or later

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